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​From a 150 year experience base in the energy sector, we provide technical and commercial advisory services, aimed at delivering high quality solutions to our clients in a cost effective

and time sensitive manner.  


Our services typically result in solutions having a positive IMPACT on our client organizations, by either, or both:


    *  Programs creating significant cost savings.


    *  Programs generating significant revenues.








Following an acquisition of gasification process technology by ConocoPhillips, we provided technical and commercial assistance for the re-branding of their process technology, and the structuring and facilitation of the value proposition presented to the international energy arena, with great success.



Our clients have a sense of urgency, and are seeking crisp and concise comprehensive solutions to complex problems, delivered in days or weeks, not months or years.


The clients we serve are quality players in highly competitive world markets, and as such, require

focus on their needs as our priority.  With clear mandates, our assignments typically result in sophisticated, cost effective solutions, and repeat business from satisfied clients.


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