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Based in Houston, Texas, USA, Aplethora Energy Services is a privately-held firm, founded by its President & CEO, Richard A. Olliver.  Since 2004, we have provided technical & commercial advisory services to our loyal client base in the energy sector, delivering high quality, sophisticated solutions to complex problems and issues.
The firm is recognized and respected for its integrity and expertise, and with a priority on serving our clients' needs, we have established long-term, trust-based relationships, that are manifested by repeat client business, and work efforts that typically deliver an IMPACT to our client organizations.
Richard A. Olliver
Founder, President & CEO
The Aplethora Energy Services Team

The Aplethora Team is comprised of world-class professionals, with work experience and skill sets reflecting over 150 years participation in the Energy

and Heavy Industrial sectors.  


The broad capabilities and expertise of the Team encompass both technical and commercial aspects of process, power, and infrastructure capital projects, and bring a unique and comprehensive approach to delivering high quality,

user-friendly experiences to our clients.

Richard has over 40 years experience in the Energy sector and Heavy

Industrial arena.  As a senior executive for both Owners/Operators and

major international EPC firms, he has participated in the development of

major capital projects representing over US $ 30 Billion in CAPEX.


Recent assignments include waste-to-energy (WTE), biomass conversion, oil & gas processing, gas-to-liquids (GTL), coal gasification-to-liquids (CTL), LNG, biomass gasification-to-liquids (BTL), gas/diesel fuel power generation, anaerobic digestion (AD), syngas cleanup, and CO2 recovery.

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