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Our comprehensive advisory services, guided by a clear mandate for each assignment, focus on our clients' most critical issues and opportunities, and provide a road map to achieve client objectives.

The Aplethora Team develops goal-driven strategies, inclusive of key marketplace issues, using both a macro and micro analysis, encompassing basic business plan and objectives, capital project scenarios, technologies and commercial factors.


Our Team brings deep, functional, real-world expertise,

and produces a deliverable that assures a high probability of success, and client satisfaction. 



The Aplethora Team is comprised of world-class technical and commercial experts, and has a unique

capability to "connect the dots", starting from a sound strategy, then providing an overall plan with detailed work activities, and ultimately delivering a sophisticated,

cost-effective, schedule sensitive, "action plan", designed to create a successful outcome for our client.


Our "Action Plan" assignments typically utilize "Best

Practices" of industry, and in many cases, embrace those principles promulgated by the Construction Industry Institute (CII).



Aplethora Energy Services is in a unique position to

analyze energy process plant and power generation scenarios and issues, and with a focus on each client's special needs, deliver a resolution on specific

issues, and solutions to particular problems.  We are

"technology neutral", and as such, are absolutely objective in our evaluations and recommendations.


The goal of our Team, with a sensitivity to quality, cost and schedule factors, is to provide each client with an

IMPACT SOLUTION, clearly providing significant

benefits to our client, offtimes with measurable metrics, and enhancing our client's organization, market position, and overall business objectives. 


                                         Skill Sets and Service Capabilities
Overall Program Management                Cold Eyes Review                Technology Evaluation                        Quality Analysis
Project Management                                  Cost Analysis                         Technology Selection                           Environmental Analysis
Stage Gate Project Analysis                    Schedule Analysis                Process/Systems Integration          Commercial Negotiation
Owner's Representative                           Strategic Planning               Capital Project Development            Business Development  
Bank's Representative                              EPC Strategies                      Capital Project "Best Practices"       M&A Due Diligence 
Feasibility Studies                                      FEL-0 & FEL-1                       Project Finance Assistance               Team Building Facilitators                  
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