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Confidential Client
       Gasification Technologies World Surveys


Initially, Aplethora was engaged by a major European energy firm to perform a "cold-eyes review" of preliminary process technology selection for a multi-billion $ coal-to-liquids facility.  That work scope was expanded to include a world-wide survey of the biomass gasification industry, with an objective to identify a hierarchy of commercially proven gasification processes, and to provide an evaluation of suitability of those technologies for production of power and transportation (F-T) liquids. 


The assignment included use of public information from brochures and websites, and site visits to operating plants, further enhanced by interviews with technology firms.  Over 100 process technology firms were contacted, and a substantial database on biomass gasification was developed for our client.

      Gasification Process Technology Market Strategy and Action Plan


Following an acquisition of gasification process technology by ConocoPhillips, we provided technical and commercial assistance for the re-branding of their process technology.  Additionally, Aplethora

participated in the strategy, structuring, and facilitation of the new value proposition presented to the international energy arena, with great success.

Aplethora Energy Services has worked on a wide diversity of assignments and projects.  The broad array of energy industry activities includes work in the areas of biomass gasification & pyrolysis, waste-to-energy (WTE), oil & gas production, oil refining, chemicals, petrochemicals, alternate fuels, gasification, gas-to-liquids (GTL), LNG, power generation, anaerobic digestion, and industrial infrastructure projects. 
The following are some examples of our work assignments.


Refined Energy Holdings (REH)
      Program Management Services for World-Scale Coal to Fertilizers Project


Aplethora provided Program Management Services for a proposed multi-billion $ grassroots coal gasification

project to be built in Idaho, USA.  The project considered multiple product scenarios, including syngas, power,

transportation (F-T) liquids, and ammonia-based fertilizers. Work scope included project advisory services

related to technology evaluation and selection, unit operations integration, EPC strategies, evaluation and qualification of engineering and construction contractors, and other Program Management support services.

Confidential Client
       LNG World Survey on EPC Capabilities


Aplethora Energy Services was engaged by a major energy firm to perform a global industry survey, and identify quaified engineering and construction contractors with capabilities to provide EPC services

for world-scale LNG facilities.  Additional work included assisting in the development of a preliminary project execution strategy, supported by evaluation of potential consortiums and JV candidates for the overall EPC scope on a potential multi-billion $ LNG complex.

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