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Clients & Partners

Since 2004, Aplethora Energy Services has been delivering quality work products and solutions to our loyal clients and partners.  Virtually all of our work is performed under confidentiality, and while we are able to identify some of our friends, the nature of our work is always confidential.
Following are some of our clients and partners with whom we have worked.

ConocoPhillips                                     Clean Skies, LLC                                                    VALE                                                                       


CH2M HILL                                            Atlanta International Gasification Services         World Alliance for Decentralized Energy (WADE)   


Houston Technology Center (HTC)     Global Food Holdings                                            Power Engineers                                                     


Refined Energy Holdings                     Litwin Management Services                                Gasification Technologies Council (GTC)                                                                                  

World CTL Conference                         International Alliance Associates, LLC                Republic Power Partners                                         


Zachry Holdings                                   SGC Energia                                                            Waste Management


Quesco Turbomachinery                     Megawave                                                                KnightHawk ETEC                                                                             


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